Fast Maz Company laid the foundation stone in Zhongbai Industrial Park

On July 2nd, local time, the signing ceremony was held in China-Belarus Boulder Industrial Park. The chairman of Fast Group, Yan Jianbo, general manager of Shaanxi Fast Gear Co., and Ivankovic, general manager of Maz Group, represented the two companies. Signed a cooperation agreement between Mars and Maz and attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

This is the second overseas factory invested by Fars in the “Belt and Road” following the establishment of the factory in Thailand. It is the fruitful achievements and significant progress made by Fast’s “5221” strategy, which is to promote Shaanxi to catch up. Deeply integrate into the “Belt and Road” construction to explore new paths.

Wu Qiuping, Minister of Industry of Belarus, Zhao Gang, Vice Governor of Shaanxi Province, Xu Hong, Party Secretary of Weichai Group, and 100 guests from all walks of life, including the government, business community and news media, attended the signing ceremony and groundbreaking ceremony.

Yan Jianbo delivered a speech on behalf of Fast, and expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the leaders of China and Belarus for their long-term concern and support. He said that the establishment of Fastmats marks a new step in the development of globalization and internationalization. It is not only an important achievement of the “One Belt, One Road” international cooperation between China and Belarus, but also the new platform for Weichai, Fast and Maz to cooperate in a wider field, higher level and deeper level in the future. The joint venture is constantly moving towards the development goal of updating further.

Ivankovic said that the Fastmats joint venture project has further enhanced our market position in traditional products and succeeded in new markets. The close cooperation between experts from China and Belarus will help Maz vehicle sales to a new level and make the joint venture transmission products more competitive in the CIS and other countries.

As a national-level cooperation project of the heads of state of China and Belarus, Zhongbai Industrial Park is located in the Silk Road Economic Belt, an important hub connecting Europe and Asia – Minsk Region of Belarus. It is China’s largest comprehensive overseas industrial park.

Scania engineers designed a modular concept for 2030

What today is Scania’s NXT concept vehicle started with the idea of finding a solution for future transport in cities. A group of Scania engineers rose to the challenge by developing a vehicle that represents a vision of the future.

“When you ask ten different people about the future, you will get ten different answers. At the end of the day, no one knows what will happen in 2030,” says NXT Project Manager Robert Sjödin.

“Throughout this project, we have brought together experts and made many choices that have lead us to this idea of what the future of urban transport could be.”

FAW Jiefang Engine Division enters European and American markets

To create a “China’s first, world-class” high-end power brand supplier is the pursuit of FAW Jiefang Engine Division. Since 2013, FAW Jiefang Engine Division has launched an overseas strategy, established a South Africa office, and entered the African market with a monopoly of European and American brands. From the initial annual sales of 300, 500, and 1,000 units to nearly 2,000 units in the past two years, The number of diesel engines sold in South Africa is increasing day by day, with sales exceeding 1900 units in the first five months of this year, laying the foundation for entering the European and American markets.