Geely and Volvo discuss the combined engine business

(Hangzhou/Göteborg, October 7, 2019) Geely Automobile and Volvo Car, part of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, are exploring the possibility of merging their engine business, aiming to build a world-leading powertrain business unit, developing and producing leading power. Assembly and hybrid system.

The project is currently in the planning stage and must be implemented after the parties have reached a merger intention and completed due diligence. This program is designed to help Volvo Cars accelerate the overall electrification process. Volvo Cars is committed to selling half of all electric vehicles and hybrid cars in all models by around 2025. Volvo Cars will still source high-efficiency powertrains and hybrid systems from new business units.

For Geely Holdings, the new business unit will focus on the resources, research and development and production of leading clean and efficient powertrain and hybrid systems, and carry it in its Volvo, Geely, Lectra, Proton, Brands such as Lotus and London Electric Vehicles further strengthen the synergies between brands.

At present, Volvo Cars and Geely Automobile have 3,000 employees and 5,000 employees engaged in engine R&D, procurement, and manufacturing. The planned merger will not affect the existing workforce.

Since the acquisition of Volvo Cars by Geely Holding in 2010, Geely Automobile and Volvo Car have achieved record highs, and resource integration and synergy have been continuously enhanced. The integration plan for the engine business will further enhance the scale effect of the two parties in research and development, production, procurement and operation.

GEELY AUTO Coolray officially listed in the Philippines

On September 25th, GEELY AUTO’s latest and best-selling compact SUVGEELY Coolray was launched in Manila, Philippines, and held a grand listing ceremony with Japan’s local partner, Japan Shuangri Co., Ltd. on the same day.

GEELY Coolray officially listed in the Philippines
In early July of this year, GEELY and Japan Shuangri Co., Ltd. signed a sales and after-sales service agreement. With a 60-year history in the Philippines, Shuangri is a strong partner of GEELY in the Philippines.

The Chinese version of Coolray, the company that has been released in the Chinese market for only eight and a half months, has created a sales record of 100,000 units, and an average of more than 10,000 units per month.

As a model developed for the Philippines, Coolray’s brand slogan is “bring the fun back to driving”.

Coolray is an SUV based on the GEELYBMA platform. After more than four years of research and development, it has set a new benchmark in this industry in technology and training.

As the latest global modular architecture of GEELY, the BMA platform is independently developed by GEELY with a high degree of flexibility and scalability to be compatible with security technologies, smart interconnects, new energy, and autonomous driving technologies.

Based on the BMA platform, Coolray uses GEELY’s latest and most advanced powertrain, integrated plug-in hybrid system (PHEV) and light-mixed system (MHEV), jointly developed by GEELY and Volvo.

President of GEELY Holding Group, CEO and CEO of GEELY AUTO Group An Conghui: In the past few years, GEELY Holding Group has invested more than R&D investment far above the industry average. In 2018, R&D investment exceeded RMB 21 billion. 100 billion yuan. We have built industry-leading engineering R&D and styling systems in China, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, the United States, and Malaysia, with more than 20,000 R&D personnel. GEELY AUTO will work with partners to deepen the Philippine market and continue to provide Philippine automotive consumers with world-class products and services.

GEELY Powertrain Specialist Hakan Sandquist: The 1.5T Turbo Plus engine delivers 130kw horsepower and 255nm of torque. With the 7DCT wet dual-clutch gearbox developed by GEELY’s China Europe Automotive Technology Center (CEVT), Coolray’s 0-100 km acceleration to 7.9 seconds, with industry-leading 97% power transmission efficiency, 100 km Fuel consumption is only 6.1 liters.

Guy Burgoyne, General Manager and Vice President of GEELY Design Center China: Coolray is our model for young consumers. They like more sporty designs, so we want to break the rules and put high-end avant-garde The sports fan is brought to these young people as a standard.

After the successful launch of Coolray, GEELY will continue to list other popular new models in the Philippines.

GEELY Holding Group adheres to the globalization strategy, seizes opportunities, deepens overseas distribution, and develops synergistically with multinational auto industry to fully participate in global competition.

Fukuda Philippines Car Festival ended successfully with 100 cars

On September 12-13, 2019, the FOTON BIG ATTRUCKTION Mall-style Car Festival was successfully held in Quezon City, Manila, Philippines. The activity realized 1,392 visits to customers, reached 448 intentional orders, and sold 156 on-site sales, including more than 30 heavy-duty trucks, 70 light-duty trucks, and more than 50 passenger cars.

This event is an upgraded version of the 5th FOTON BIG SHOW. The event combines product test drive, vehicle finance, used car and other elements to provide users with the convenience of car purchase and exclusive cash discount.

The exhibition models include medium, light and heavy-duty trucks, which cover dry and branch logistics, self-unloading, lifting, mixer trucks, etc., as well as AUMARK S City, Logistics, Cold Chain Star, GRATOUR, 2019 TUNLAND and local The best-selling VIEW CS2 and other passenger products are also on display. In addition, FOTON JEEPNEY products developed on the basis of AUMARK C are available to meet the needs of local Jeepney upgrades.

Launched by the Department of Transportation of the Philippines (DOTr), Modern Jeepney aims to promote the Public Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP) to modernize security and other aspects by upgrading existing Jeepneys. Old-fashioned jeepney used to be a scene on the streets of the Philippines, but it was poorly cleaned, fuel-efficient, heavy-duty, and uncomfortable. Therefore, Modern Jeepney will become a major growth point in the Philippine market, with an estimated market capacity of approximately 350,000 units. FOTON Jeepney has also begun to upgrade, and will gradually replace the existing Jeepney products by the AUMARK S platform to meet the consumption upgrade needs, and improve the quality and level of public transportation in Manila and the Philippines, to provide more convenient and safe travel.

FOTON BIG ATTRUCKTION is not a pure auto show, but a customer-created lifecycle service scene for product experience, premium purchase, finance, after-sales, used cars, etc. This BIG ATTRUCKTION is only the beginning. Next, Foton Motor will conduct regional BIG ATTRUCKTION activities in the North Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao in the Philippines from September to October. Achieving a replica of the innovative marketing platform, radiating to the entire Philippines.

Another new plant in Fast Eaton is put into production

On September 19th, the launching ceremony of FAST Eaton (Baoji) Light Transmission Co., Ltd. was held at Baoji New Base. Yan Jianbo, Party Secretary and Chairman of the FAST Group, Yang Bo, Vice President of Eton Vehicle Group and Vehicle Electrification Business and General Manager of China, attended the ceremony and jointly hanged the first batch of light-duty transmissions.

Chairman Yan Jianbo said that the joint venture company fully integrates the resources of both parties and strives to create a new development model of “technology leadership, innovation drive, quality support, market leading”, and make new contributions to the strategic cooperation and development of the two countries and the realization of the dream of China’s automobile power. .

Vice President Yang Bo said that it is believed that through joint efforts of the joint venture parties, the new company will surely show greater achievements in the field of commercial vehicles and achieve better results.

More than 200 people from FAST Group leaders, employee representatives and joint venture employees attended the ceremony.

FAST Eaton Lightweight Transmission Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between FAST and Eaton in the United States. It specializes in the development, production, assembly, testing, sales and service of light commercial vehicle transmissions, related transmission components and aftermarket parts. After the plant is put into production, it will have an annual production capacity of 500,000 light commercial vehicle transmissions, which can meet the requirements and services of global light commercial vehicles.