BYD Han family Han (Han EV and Han DM) not only has a very low 0.233Cd drag coefficient, upgraded Dragon Face design, hidden door handles, 4980mm long body, full LCD instrument, advanced driving assistance system, super large size Powerful design and equipment such as the central control panel; the NEDC cruising range of the Han EV is 550km (dual-motor models) and 605km (the single-motor model), while the NEDC pure electric cruising range of the Han DM (plug-in hybrid version) is 81km .

On July 12, BYD Han went public in China. As the dark horse in the pure electric vehicle brand, BYD Han is highly praised by users, and the order volume has now exceeded 30,000.

BYD Han EV has three models, priced at 229,800 to 279,500 yuan, with a cruising range of 550 kilometers to 605 kilometers. Equipped with BYD’s self-produced motor, electronic control, and battery system.

Let us walk into Germany, a major automobile manufacturing country, and see how Europeans view Chinese brands!

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