“We have quickly increased from a 10% light truck market share to 15%. In 2019, it has exceeded 20%. This is all thanks to our continuously upgraded product strategy.” This is what Foton Motor’s Turkish partner OTOKAR said at the market event in February this year, and it is also a true reflection of the current development of Foton’s Turkish light truck business.

On June 19, 193 light trucks meeting the EU VI OBD-D standard-AUAMRK S completed SKD development and shipped to Turkey. After arriving in early August, they will be assembled locally in Turkey and start terminal sales. Foton Motor has also become the first Chinese brand in Turkey to meet the Euro VI OBD-D standard, which is also the highest standard for the current Euro VI emission standard in terms of on-board diagnostic systems.

193 Euro VI emission standards AUMARK S delivered to Turkey

Turkey is the EU VI emission standard. As the highest global standard requirement, the EU VI emission standard has adjusted the emission limit, and introduced the particle number (PN) emission limit, ammonia (NH3) concentration limit, etc., and proposed changes to OBD. strict requirements.

OBD-D (On-Board Diagnostic) is the on-board diagnostic system, which is an important part of the emission control system and can identify faulty components. The EU VI standard expands the diagnostic components more widely.

This time AUMARK S is a customized version of Turkey. It is a product specially developed for the European VI regulatory market. In addition to meeting the European VI’s OBD emission limit requirements for CO, PM and other OBD emission limits, it also meets the latest EU body regulations R29-03 requirements, matching all active safety Device, the vehicle has advanced advantages in four aspects: fuel efficiency, safety, comfort and environmental protection.

Foton Turkey’s partner OTOKAR has more than 50 young truck commercial vehicle experience and has cooperated with Foton Motor for many years. With a keen market sense, Foton Motor’s strategic product AUMARK S was introduced into the market in a timely manner. The product launch has achieved strong market response. By the end of 2019 , Foton’s light truck market share doubled, achieving a 25% market share.

The delivery of the European VI standard light truck order is the market’s full recognition of the Foton Motor brand, and it also witnessed the pace of the commercial vehicle industry to a new starting point. It is a global trend that European emission standards are becoming stricter. Foton Motor will adhere to the market-oriented and user-centric business philosophy and provide the latest logistics and environmental protection solutions.

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