On July 1, 2020, Maserati’s official website released an announcement: The new Maserati Nettuno engine will be launched worldwide in September.

The new engine is the heart of the MC20 super sports car. It is designed and opened by the Maserati Modena plant. It uses the new F1 technology with a maximum torque of 730 Nm and a maximum speed of 8000 rpm. Among them, the maximum power at 7500 rpm can reach 630 CV. The dual spark plug innovative front chamber ignition system, dual Side turbocharging technology…emissions standards comply with EU6D/China 6B/Ulev 70, dry sump (a classic solution for super sports cars), compression ratio of 11:1, stroke of 82 mm, aperture of 88 mm.

Maserati's new power engine Nettuno engine will be released in September

At present, the Nettuno engine is renovating the production line and painting workshop in the workshop of Via Delle Nazioni (Masrati Corsi’s historic base) to create a “100% Made in Modena”, which will fully welcome the arrival of the MC20. The new engine is the result of a technological revolution, and a number of technologies have received international patent protection. At Modena’s headquarters, highly-qualified technicians and engineers overcome difficulties and meet challenges, and develop and produce a variety of new high-tech, high-performance engines.

This is a historic moment, the new engine will be grandly launched in Maserati Modena from September 9 to 10. At that time, the new power system will debut, and will be put into production in the next few years. At the same time, Maserati will announce innovative power systems and ambitious planned projects developed by Casa del Tridente.

This technology originates from the F1 racing car. The classic 90° V6 engine frame made by Modena has unprecedented power and torque levels, lower noise, and more environmentally friendly emissions. It is now used for the first time in the MC20 supercar. A new era is coming, MC20 will bring Maserati back to the field with a superb performance.

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