Recently, based on the great contribution made by Kamaz in the automotive industry and on the 50th anniversary of the establishment of “KAMAZ”, the Kamaz team was thanked by President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation and was awarded the Russian National Award.

The Russian Federation National Award, referred to as the Russian National Award, was established in 1992 and is mainly awarded to those who have made outstanding contributions in the fields of literature and art, science and technology, and humanities.

Kamaz wins the Russian National Award
Kamaz wins the Russian National Award

Kamaz was founded on December 13, 1969. After more than 50 years of development and growth, it has embarked on a unique path in the automotive industry. At present, Kamaz is the largest automobile company in the Russian Federation. It is a large state-owned enterprise integrating the development, manufacturing, assembly, sales and service of complete vehicles and parts. It is one of the 20 leading heavy-duty truck manufacturers in the world. It ranks 16th in truck production, with a production capacity of 71,000 vehicles per year.

Kamaz has the ability to produce 1500 models in 60 series and is widely used in the production of special equipment in many economic sectors. Among them, more than 130 special equipment manufacturers have close cooperation with Kamaz. Kamaz has a complete sales and service network covering the Russian Federation and many CIS countries, and carries out related businesses in more than 80 countries around the world.

The 50th anniversary of KAMAZ in 2019 is a milestone in the company’s history: the project of the cooperation between KAMAZ and Mercedes-Benz trucks is started, a new production line for the production of aluminum alloy fuel tanks is put into operation, and the first KAMAZ-54901 truck is off the assembly line . The Russian national award this time is the achievements of Kamaz’s development over the past 50 years. It is the result of the efforts of 320,000 Kamaz employees and is the country’s biggest award to Kamaz! (Source: Xiqian people)

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