On the morning of July 1st, local time in Brazil, XCMG Brazil (BANCO XCMG BRASIL S.A.) held an online opening ceremony in the XCMG Brazil Industrial Park in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Wang Yansong, vice president of Xugong Machinery and chairman of Xugong Brazil, and Gu Shiying, president of Xugong Brazil Bank, jointly unveiled Xugong Brazil Bank. Three Chinese banks, two Brazilian banks, XCMG China headquarters and XCMG Brazil’s relevant leaders “Cloud” witnessed this important moment.

XCMG Bank of Brazil opens

The opening of XCMG Bank of Brazil marked the breakthrough of the Chinese construction machinery company in achieving a zero-industry and financial integration in Brazil, and became the first overseas bank in China’s manufacturing industry.

In this online opening ceremony, Wang Min, chairman of XCMG Group Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., congratulated and sent a message through a video to XCMG Bank of Brazil: “XCMG first established the first wholly-owned production base in Brazil, and now it has established the No. An overseas financial institution, this is a new chapter of XCMG’s internationalization business. The highlight of XCMG’s globalization strategy has achieved further breakthroughs in China-Pakistan interconnection. It is gratifying! I look forward to and firmly believe that in the China-Pakistan government and all walks of life With the joint efforts of XCMG, the Brazilian bank of XCMG will surely become a professional, efficient and pragmatic corporate bank and a new financial platform serving Chinese and Pakistani companies.”

As the first overseas bank in China’s manufacturing industry, every step of the establishment of XCMG Bank of Brazil is highly concerned. In particular, the final key period for the opening of the business and the special period for the development of overseas epidemics. The XCMG Brazil management team, the China-Brazil government and all sectors of the society have sincerely cooperated to eliminate all difficulties and provide a solid guarantee for the successful opening of the XCMG Brazil Bank as scheduled!

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