According to the website of the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System, a number of industrial and commercial information of BYD Auto Co., Ltd. was changed on May 18, 2020. Wang Chuanfu resigned as the legal representative and chairman of the company, and He Zhiqi took over as the legal representative, chairman and general manager of BYD Automobile Co., Ltd.

The information shows that BYD Automobile Co., Ltd. was established on March 21, 1997, with a registered capital of 135101010100 million (1.351 billion) yuan. The shareholders are BYD Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Huaqin Investment Group Co., Ltd., which is engaged in the manufacture of auto parts and accessories Urban rail transit equipment manufacturing; construction engineering machinery manufacturing; electrical equipment manufacturing and other related businesses. The company is located at No. 1, Qinling Avenue West, Caotang Technology Industrial Base, High-tech Zone, Xi’an.

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