At present, the outbreak of New Coronary Pneumonia has been outbreak all over the world. Fighting the outbreak has become a common task for all human beings to work together. Yuchai Machinery is also actively involved in the global anti-epidemic battle, supporting the export of anti-epidemic materials to the UAE, once again demonstrating the strength of China ’s manufacturing hard core, and jointly writing the chapter of the epidemic of the war to build a community of human fate.

On March 26th, Yuchai received an emergency order for 70 sets of multi-purpose fog cannons from customers to export power to the UAE. The batch of orders is an important anti-epidemic material in the UAE. After receiving the order, Yuchai organized the production at the first time and completed the engine delivery in only 6 days. Since April 3, the batch of fog guns have been sent to the UAE through air transport.

Multifunctional fog gun car, with spray dust reduction and cleaning and disinfection functions. By adding a certain proportion of disinfectant in the water, spraying through high pressure, flexible and fast operation, strong fog droplet penetration, long spray range, high efficiency and large-scale disinfection, it is the current “disinfection artifact” for the prevention and control of new coronavirus .

Yuchai power generation supporting large-scale fog gun airlift UAE

In the early hours of the 11th, another batch of large fog guns were transported to the UAE. Due to the long-running operation characteristics of the multi-functional fog gun, in order to provide power to the spray equipment as soon as possible, the generator set is required to have continuous load capacity, reliability and a certain sudden load capacity. The Yuchai YC4D series power generation engine was selected for this batch of large-scale gun fog vehicles. The engine is reliable in quality and has high market acceptance. The current market has more than 500,000 units. After inspection, it has been strongly affirmed by customers.

In the global epidemic of war, Yuchai ’s power generation guards the Vulcan Hill Hospital and other “Xiaotangshan” hospitals around the country as well as the construction of emergency projects, and assists in the prevention and control of epidemics abroad. “Must win!

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