Following the approval of the overall design of the Salvador cloudy track in Brazil and the announcement that the project will be officially started one month later, on February 1, 2020 local time, BYD successfully won the Rail Transit Line 17 project in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Screenshot of Sao Paulo State Government’s announcement: On February 1, 2020, BYD won the bid for Metro Line 17 project in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In Sao Paulo, different rail transit lines are distinguished by different colors. Line 17 is golden yellow. This line is called the “Gold Line” of Sao Paulo.

BYD wins bid for "Golden Line"

This means that in just 30 days, BYD has two cities in Brazil, and the cloud track program has been increasingly recognized and favored overseas.

It is reported that BYD entered the Brazilian market as early as 2012. After continuous development, the current business scope has covered the production and sales of new energy vehicles, the production and sales of solar cells, and the overall design, construction and operation of track projects. The local area has created a large number of high-quality jobs. Its zero-emission transportation products, such as pure electric buses, trucks, and taxis, have also had a positive impact on Brazil’s air pollution control.
From El Salvador to Sao Paulo, from the world’s first cross-sea cloud track to the world-famous “clogged” rail transit “golden line”, the cloud track has continuously landed in Brazil. In the future, BYD’s rail transit business may replicate the “glory” of its electric bus business, starting with Brazil, further radiating the entire South America, and even having a profound impact on the construction of global urban rail transit.

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