On January 13, BYD officially announced that Kevin Wale was appointed as a senior advisor to BYD’s chairman, providing consulting services for the BYD Group’s automotive business, including auto business development strategies, operating strategies, marketing strategies, brand building and sales services. Provide consulting and guidance services on system upgrading and other aspects. Wenwei Gan joined General Motors in 1975 and served as President and General Manager of General Motors (China) Co., Ltd. from 2005 to 2012. He has extensive management experience in the global automotive industry.

Former General Motors (China) CEO Gan Wenwei becomes Senior Advisor to BYD Chairman

As a senior manager of the global auto market, Gan Wenwei will use decades of accumulated experience to further assist BYD’s decision-making layer in conducting forward-looking, strategic judgement, top-level thinking and decision-making, and helping BYD’s brand to continue to grow upwards and become more exciting.

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