Recently, nearly one hundred mining trucks equipped with Yuchai’s 13L displacement YC6K13 heavy-duty engines have landed in Vietnam through Guangxi Pingxiang Port and participated in the construction of Vietnam’s coal power projects.

Yuchai 13L heavy engine exported to Vietnam in bulk

From September to December this year, Shandong Pengxiang Automobile Co., Ltd. successively received nearly 100 orders for mining vehicles from the Vietnam Coal Power Project. Relying on the advantages of YC6K13 engine with high horsepower, high torque, and fuel saving, all the export orders selected Yuchai heavy-duty engines.

This large order also confirmed the great charm of Yuchai’s brand in the Southeast Asian market. In Southeast Asia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and other countries, vehicles and machinery equipped with Yuchai heavy engines can be seen everywhere. These products are widely used in the construction of mineral mining, tourist passenger transportation, construction engineering, logistics and transportation projects in Southeast Asia. .

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