Recently, Kuwait’s golden light shone and the giant “star” was shining. Several XCMG equipments shined brightly under the shadow of the lights, making them particularly eye-catching. More than 300 local customers and representatives of Chinese-funded enterprises gathered together to witness this event.

At the meeting, Cheng Yongru, Economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Kuwait, introduced the current status of economic and trade exchanges between China and Kuwait to the guests, and made outstanding contributions to the development of countries along the “Belt and Road” by Chinese companies including XCMG And highly praised. At the same time, he encouraged XCMG to provide better products and services for various projects in Kuwait, and wished XCMG and Al Mulla Group a successful cooperation.

XCMG and Al Mulla Group formally start cooperation

Liu Jiansen, vice president of Xugong Machinery and general manager of Import and Export Company, introduced the development of Xugong in the Middle East in detail to the guests. He said that the Middle East region is an important market for XCMG. XCMG equipment plays a very important role in the construction of various projects in the Middle East, such as energy and mining and petroleum cooperation, and the construction of railways, highways, industrial parks, and public infrastructure.

At the subsequent launching ceremony of the cooperation between XCMG and the Al Mulla Group in Kuwait, Counselor Cheng Yongru, Liu Jiansen, Al Mulla Group President Talal Anwar Al Mulla, and General Manager Imad Flayhan participated together and witnessed this historic moment with the guests at the scene.

Al Mulla Group is a well-known and diversified enterprise group in Kuwait. It has established links with more than 200 international brands. It is a full agent of Kuwaiti Mercedes-Benz and Mitsubishi. The brand has a huge influence; Xu works as the first and sixth largest construction machinery enterprise group in China. , Has a pivotal position in the global construction machinery industry. The strong alliance and joint efforts of the two parties will not only further improve XCMG’s local sales and service levels, but also play a positive role in helping the early realization of the “New Kuwait Vision 2035”.

XCMG and the Kuwait Al Mulla Group co-launch and launch a product promotion meeting, which is the “final work” of XCMG’s Middle East 2019 series of promotional activities. In 2019, XCMG successively released Middle East-type products in various countries in the Middle East. The product adaptability has been significantly improved. The service levels of XCMG and distributors have been continuously upgraded, and the areas of cooperation have been continuously expanded. After years of hard work and refinement, XCMG has created a professional Middle East team, providing high-quality product purchase consulting, product technical support and after-sales service support to countries in the Middle East, and strive to create a “Gold Business Card” made in China.

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