On December 03, 2019, the Summit Forum of Chinese Enterprises Overseas Image was grandly held in Beijing. Nearly 500 people, including leaders of relevant national ministries and commissions, executives of well-known domestic enterprises, experts and scholars in the field of external communications, and journalists from the media, attended the forum. As the only award-winning engineering equipment manufacturing company, Sany Group and Huawei, Alibaba, Bank of China and other well-known companies jointly won the “2019 Top 20 Chinese Enterprises Overseas Image (Latin American Version)”. Awards.

Founded in 2013, the China Enterprise Overseas Image Summit Forum has been held for 7 sessions so far. It has conducted surveys and published reports of Chinese enterprises’ overseas image for 6 consecutive years. The communication expert advisory committee aims to further enhance the Chinese company’s brand and international influence, and help build a world-class internationally competitive enterprise. It has formed a wide range of influence in the industry.

The theme of this forum is “Overseas Corporate Image Development in a Higher Level of Opening”, focusing on the important issue of how to do a good job in corporate overseas image construction in the new round of high-level opening to the outside world. First-class enterprises build intellectual platforms. During the period, Tang Jianguo, senior deputy general manager of Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., shared the global brand building process of Sany Group.

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