Recently, a black TX model with the word “CAOCAO” flashed next to the Seine River in Paris, indicating that Cao Cao will officially deploy overseas markets and will launch a beta test in Paris in December. The new TX model of the London Electric Vehicle (LEVC) under the Geely Commercial Vehicle Group became the official overseas operating vehicle of Cao Cao, helping to travel green in Paris.

LEVC's new TX model helps Cao Cao travel and lead the new fashion in Paris

Cao Cao said that the reason why he chose Paris in the first stop is precisely because Paris is an internationally renowned tourist city. The number of inbound tourists per year is over 10 million, and there is a large demand for urban travel. After entering the Paris market, Cao Cao will continue to adhere to the “low-carbon, service-oriented” development philosophy, bringing a green, safe and high-quality travel experience to Paris citizens. It is worth mentioning that domestic users can also easily call Cao Cao to travel in Paris with one click, and enjoy travel services across the country.

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