When the BRICS summit is in full swing in Brazil, BYD has heard good news in Latin America! On November 14th, local time, BYD successfully won the bid for 379 pure electric buses in Colombia, and the bidding period was 15 years. The batch bus is scheduled to be delivered to local bus operators in the second half of 2020. This is the largest pure electric bus order in Colombia to date and the largest pure electric bus order currently seized in the Americas. This set a record for the 183 orders previously created in Chile.

Under the witness of Bogota Mayor Enrique Peñalosa (fifth from left), executives of TransMilenio SA officially announced that BYD successfully won the bid for 379 pure electric buses.

Since 2012, the company has developed a transportation system for Colombia. BYD has nearly 7 years of experience in the local area. The localized design bus fully meets the operational requirements, national regulations and necessary licenses of the local transportation system. After the batch of buses will be put into use next year, and with 70 pure electric buses delivered previously, BYD’s pure electric buses in Colombia will reach nearly 450, and the market in Latin America will also rise to nearly 1,000 levels.

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