On September 25th, GEELY AUTO’s latest and best-selling compact SUVGEELY Coolray was launched in Manila, Philippines, and held a grand listing ceremony with Japan’s local partner, Japan Shuangri Co., Ltd. on the same day.

GEELY Coolray officially listed in the Philippines
In early July of this year, GEELY and Japan Shuangri Co., Ltd. signed a sales and after-sales service agreement. With a 60-year history in the Philippines, Shuangri is a strong partner of GEELY in the Philippines.

The Chinese version of Coolray, the company that has been released in the Chinese market for only eight and a half months, has created a sales record of 100,000 units, and an average of more than 10,000 units per month.

As a model developed for the Philippines, Coolray’s brand slogan is “bring the fun back to driving”.

Coolray is an SUV based on the GEELYBMA platform. After more than four years of research and development, it has set a new benchmark in this industry in technology and training.

As the latest global modular architecture of GEELY, the BMA platform is independently developed by GEELY with a high degree of flexibility and scalability to be compatible with security technologies, smart interconnects, new energy, and autonomous driving technologies.

Based on the BMA platform, Coolray uses GEELY’s latest and most advanced powertrain, integrated plug-in hybrid system (PHEV) and light-mixed system (MHEV), jointly developed by GEELY and Volvo.

President of GEELY Holding Group, CEO and CEO of GEELY AUTO Group An Conghui: In the past few years, GEELY Holding Group has invested more than R&D investment far above the industry average. In 2018, R&D investment exceeded RMB 21 billion. 100 billion yuan. We have built industry-leading engineering R&D and styling systems in China, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, the United States, and Malaysia, with more than 20,000 R&D personnel. GEELY AUTO will work with partners to deepen the Philippine market and continue to provide Philippine automotive consumers with world-class products and services.

GEELY Powertrain Specialist Hakan Sandquist: The 1.5T Turbo Plus engine delivers 130kw horsepower and 255nm of torque. With the 7DCT wet dual-clutch gearbox developed by GEELY’s China Europe Automotive Technology Center (CEVT), Coolray’s 0-100 km acceleration to 7.9 seconds, with industry-leading 97% power transmission efficiency, 100 km Fuel consumption is only 6.1 liters.

Guy Burgoyne, General Manager and Vice President of GEELY Design Center China: Coolray is our model for young consumers. They like more sporty designs, so we want to break the rules and put high-end avant-garde The sports fan is brought to these young people as a standard.

After the successful launch of Coolray, GEELY will continue to list other popular new models in the Philippines.

GEELY Holding Group adheres to the globalization strategy, seizes opportunities, deepens overseas distribution, and develops synergistically with multinational auto industry to fully participate in global competition.

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