In Europe, Weichai is moving towards high-end important sites. In recent years, Weichai Bodu’an power generation business has expanded rapidly in the local area, and has won the favor of customers with its excellent quality. The sales volume has doubled year after year.

In this issue, the sales director of Weichai Western Europe, Graziano, will tell us about the development of Weichai Boduan Power in the European market.

With the efforts of Graziano and the team, Weichai Boduan Power Generation began to emerge in the European market. The international airport of Milan International Airport, the Juventus Club of Italy, the world-famous postal and logistics group DHL Milan Operation Center, and the large Italian state-owned road and bridge company ANAS, all have Boduan power. The customer praised Weichai Bo Duan: “It’s really good!”

In recent years, Weichai has integrated global resources, built an international brand matrix, and built a high-level international talent team. The international layout is getting better and better, and brand awareness and influence continue to improve. In high-end markets such as Europe, Weichai is like a rising star, demonstrating the power of China.

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