Following the entry into the Swedish electric car brand NEVS, the holding of the world’s top sports car brand Königseg, the acquisition of Tate Electromechanical, and the world’s top wheel motor technology, the “Internationalization” of Evergrande’s car has expanded again. A few days ago, the reporter learned from Evergrande that on July 23, Evergrande and German hofer signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Stuttgart. The two parties established a joint venture in Germany, Evergrande Germany Hofer Power Technology Co., Ltd. was officially unveiled.

According to the agreement, Evergrande holds 67% of the joint venture company and Germany Hofer holds 33% of the shares. The joint venture company owns Germany’s hofer’s cutting-edge technology and the most advanced R&D manufacturing team in the powertrain field, developing and applying the world’s leading three-in-one power. As the core technology of the assembly and build the world’s most advanced R&D and production base in China, Johann HOFER personally serves as the chairman of the joint venture company – which means that after the advanced wheel hub motor technology, Evergrande will add a top powertrain technology.

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