Ankai pure electric bus enters Uruguay, and the green trait continues to “circle powder” globally

On August 7th, local time, the first new energy bus conference in Canelones, Uruguay was held. The vehicle was the Ankai bus brand from China. Uruguay’s Minister of Communications, the Governor of Canelones, the Director of the Municipal Transportation Bureau, and other politicians, as well as pure electric bus operators, Ankai bus representatives, and local mainstream media attended the conference to witness this important moment.

At the press conference, Ankai’s 8.5-meter pure electric bus was officially put into operation as the first pure electric bus in Canelones. It marked the beginning of a new era of electrified green travel in Carnelones. At the same time, pure electric green The environmentally friendly travel effect will also form a demonstration effect on other cities, thus accelerating the electrification process in Uruguay.

Daimler pilot truck ID and truck wallet automate payment process

According to foreign media reports, Daimler Trucks has been pushing truck digitization to ease the pressure on drivers in their daily work, and the workflow can be more efficient and safer. One of Daimler’s initiatives is to allow trucks to automatically communicate with other machines and conduct legally binding transactions, such as payment transactions. Daimler Trucks experts created a digital truck ID and associated truck wallet (Truck Wallet) and conducted a pilot project. In the initial pilot, the developer teamed up with the partner to successfully automate the payment of the truck at the charging station.

The truck can use the truck ID to let the machine identify itself, and the ID card can be a unique signature for a particular process. The truck wallet can be used as a platform technology and a central user program for all applications that have access to the truck ID. Currently, truck IDs and truck wallets are in the prototype stage and are stored as encryption software programs in the encryption processor. The processor is part of the Truck Data Center, the central telematics unit of the new Mercedes-Benz Actros.

Like a real wallet, a truck wallet can store cash for payment and can include other cards in the form of digital fuel cards and membership cards. This type of electronic information, including the storage of cash in a truck wallet, can be transferred to other machines via Wi-Fi, and the process can be checked and protected by an online system. This type of radio technology is an integral part of the truck data center.

In addition to process automation, the biggest advantage of using a truck wallet for trading is matching the truck ID. The truck ID provides a digital signature of all transaction processes for the truck wallet to confirm that such transactions are actually carried out with the corresponding truck, so such transactions are legal. The system combines additional specific telematics data, such as the current location of the stored truck, to provide a high level of fraud protection for logistics companies and their business partners. Due to the use of a proven asymmetric encryption process to generate unique truck IDs, Daimler Trucks, processor providers, and truck data centers or transportation companies are not aware of the confidential portion of the truck ID.

Daimler Trucks worked with Commerzbank and the “Main Incubator” R&D department to complete a fully automated payment process using a truck system. There is no need for an entire truck in the pilot project, only the part that contains the truck ID and truck wallet is sufficient. At present, the German Commercial Bank is the only bank in Germany that develops an electronic payment system for this purpose. The system is based on a mature trading blockchain platform technology Corda. In this type of payment process, the real money is encrypted in electronic euros and then added to the truck wallet of the truck system. After the truck wallet completes the payment, due to the truck ID, the payment can be identified and the payment is transferred to the recipient, and then the recipient can request the German commercial bank to transfer the electronic money back to its own account, the transaction process by Corda Provide online verification and storage. In this way, the truck owner can track whether his vehicle has paid. Since the system meets all the requirements of the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), the process is legal. As part of this, Electronic Advanced will pay through an account with a German commercial bank and will find any suspicious transactions and, if in doubt, hand it over to BaFin.

Looking at Huawei’s car “ambition” from Hongmeng

Huawei, which claims to “do not build a car,” is moving faster and faster toward the intelligent network of cars.

From the establishment of the car networking business unit in 2013, to the establishment of the smart car solution department in May 2019; from the introduction of the car module ME909T, to the smart interconnect solution HUAWEI HiCar, to the Hongmeng operating system… in the gradually approaching car” On the new Sihua track, Huawei is showing strong “muscles”.

Although Huawei has not set itself a “ambition” in the automotive field, CITIC’s research shows that Huawei’s annual sales in the field of smart car electronic components based on Huawei’s technological advantages and layout in 5G, Internet of Things, and communications. It is expected to reach 50 billion US dollars (about 352.1 billion yuan) in the next 10 years, and it is expected to become a car electronics giant with Germany’s Bosch.

The British auto industry warned that no agreement to leave the EU will threaten the industry to survive

According to a recent report by the European Automotive News, the British Automobile Manufacturers and Traders Association (SMMT) told the new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson that no agreement on Brexit would threaten the survival of the UK auto industry. Will affect the car exports.

The report said that the newly appointed Boris Johnson is stepping up preparations for a possible unofficial Brexit, although he hopes to reach a better agreement with the EU. Earlier, Boris Johnson said in his inaugural speech to the British Prime Minister that even if the UK could not reach an agreement with the EU, it should leave the EU before the deadline of October 31, and it would not rule out the possibility of “hard Brexit” without agreement.

Mike Hawes, CEO of the British Automobile Manufacturers and Traders Association, wrote to Boris Johnson on July 26. In his letter, he said: “We are highly integrated with Europe. Without agreement, the Brexit will lead to huge tariff costs and production disruptions, and further weaken the confidence of international investors in the UK.”

“No agreement to leave the EU will threaten the survival of our automotive industry,” Mike Hoss added. At the same time, several large auto companies in the UK also warned that no agreement to leave the EU will expose them to new tariffs and other factors, which may undermine the just-in-time production system of car companies.